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4 Things You Should Know About Enjoying Merlot

Merlot is a very popular type of grape, and thus a very popular type of wine. If you are just starting to get into learning more about the grapes and wines that you drink and enjoy, it makes sense to learn more about the Merlot, due to its popularity in the wine world. It makes even more sense to know about Merlot if you enjoy drinking red wines.

The Aroma Profile of Merlot

Each type of wine has a specific aroma profile. For many individuals, much of the job from drinking wine comes from smelling and appreciating the unique aroma profile of each type of wine, from the Pahlmeyer Merlot to other types.

Merlot is known for having both cherry as well as cocoa notes. Depending on the type of Merlot and where it is grown, it often has undertones of wet earth, tobacco leaves, smoke, and baking spices as well. It has a very comfy and cozy smell to it.

The Flavor Profile of Merlot

Where the grapes are grown can impact the flavor profile of your Merlot. Grapes that were grown in regions with cooler weather have a more tannin flavor, and the fruit flavor of the Merlot seems to be more muted in comparison to grapes grown in warmer regions. Cooler regions for Merlot grapes include France and Italy, and warmer regions include Chile and California.

The fruit flavors that are the strongest in Merlot are blueberries, cherries, blackberries and plums. Other flavors that one may be able to taste include cocoa as well as black pepper.  

The Best Foods with Merlot

One reason Merlot is such a popular type of wine is due to how well it pairs with food. Merlot pairs particularly well with all types of meat. You can successfully pair Merlot with grilled meat, baked meat, broiled meat, and even braised meat. It goes well with pork, beef, poultry and even game meat.

In addition to that, Merlot works really well with dishes that contain strong cheeses that have a bold flavor profile themselves. Merlot goes just as well with a grilled flat iron steak as it does with lamb burgers or with a nice meatloaf or some shepherd's pie. This versatility really lends to the popularity of this type of wine.

The Best Way to Store Merlot

As a red wine, it is suggested to store Merlot at room temperature. Before you drink Merlot, chill it in the fridge for about ten to fifteen minutes to lower the temperature of the wine and accent the flavor profile. Chilling your Merlot just a little bit will allow you to really experience the full aroma and flavor profile of your Merlot.