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Ask These Questions At The Liquor Store In Advance Of A Dinner Party

If you're not an avid alcohol enthusiast and you're hosting a dinner party in your home in which you'll be serving alcoholic beverages, you may feel a little anxious about selecting the right products for your guests. While online research can certainly be of value, you should also think about visiting a liquor store in your area that is known for its high customer service. While some liquor stores can be places to grab a case of beer on the way home from work, others have trained staff members who can share a lot of knowledge about this subject. Here are some questions that you can ask a staff member.

I'm Serving This Meal — What Wine Should I Choose?

Don't be afraid to take a moment to talk specifically about the type of meal that you'll be serving your guests. Lay out the protein and the side dishes so that the person helping you has a clear understanding of what is on the menu. Armed with this information, the expert can present you with a few options of both white wine and red wine. Or, if your meal specifically calls for one or the other, the expert may reveal this information with you, too.

What's The Best I Can Buy For A Certain Amount?

There's no harm in telling the wine expert your budget. While it's true that the quality of different products goes up the more money you spend, you can also find good products for a reasonable amount of money. There's little point in listening to a staff member extol the virtues of a $30 bottle of wine if you were hoping to only spend about $12 per bottle. Being up front about this detail in advance can have the expert shift his or her focus to find you the best products for your budget.

What Might You Recommend For Picky Guests?

Some people on your guest list might be picky about their choice of wines. For example, some people are happy to drink wine, but don't want products that have a notably full-bodied taste. If you're able to run down some of the characteristics that you know about those who will be dining with you, your wine expert can recommend some specific varieties of wines that will be more pleasing to these individuals' palates. Don't hesitate to ask any other questions during your visit, as they may be instrumental in helping you head home with the right wines.

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